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"Energy & Chemistry": At the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering, Start-ups present themselves as part of a

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"Energy & Chemistry": At the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering, Start-ups present themselves as part of a new focus area

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11.02.2019 - 10:59 Uhr - IT, Computer, Software

( Frankfurt am Main, 11.02.2019 (PresseBox) - .- 4 Start-ups from the energy sector present their innovations- Thematic cooperation with InnoEnergy- Second Focus Topic after "Water & ChemistryOn 26 February 2019 the 3rd European Chemistry Partnering will take place in Frankfurt. Under the heading "Energy and Chemistry", four Start-ups from the field of energy will present themselves in Pitches. The presentations will take place in cooperation with the theme sponsor InnoEnergy - the innovation engine for sustainable energy innovation.The stable and inexpensive supply of energy has today become one of society's central issues in industrialized, emerging and developing countries. It concerns the generation, storage and transport of energy in equal measure. Chemical innovations in particular are critical for the development of efficient and productive processes. Therefore, in order to encourage interdisciplinary exchange and to bring energy Start-ups together with industry representatives at the 3rd ECP, the topic "Energy & Chemistry" was initiated.Within this framework, four Start-ups supported by InnoEnergy will present themselves:- Gensoric GmbH, Germany, uses innovative and patented electrode technology developed in-house to manufacture installations that produce methanol from air, water and energy.- GraphMaTec AB, Sweden, produces novel graphene nanocomposite materials (Aros Graphene®) using a self-developed and patented technology. Aros Graphene can be used in various industrial areas and applications.- Mebius d.o.o., Slovenia, offers highly innovative proton exchange membranes, gas diffusion electrodes and membrane electrode assemblies (MEA). These enable the efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells to be significantly increased.- Volterion GmbH, Germany, manufactures new types of stacks for water-vanadium based redox flow batteries and redox flow battery systems for industrial applications which require many charging and discharging cycles at high power levels.Fabian Sacharowitz, Business Creation Officer responsible for Start-up investment at InnoEnergy, says: "The chemical industry is very much in our focus because it is both a major consumer of energy as well as a potential provider of solutions for energy system transformation, for example in the area of synthetic fuels or gas storage. InnoEnergy is therefore keen to further develop its strong network of over 400 partners from all over Europe in the chemical sector. The ECP offers a very attractive marketplace for this purpose."Holger Bengs, initiator of the European Chemistry Partnering, says: "I am very pleased that with our strong partner InnoEnergy we are able to address the interdisciplinary topic 'Energy and Chemistry' for the first time at the European Chemistry Partnering. We will only be able to secure our long term industrial production and thus our prosperity, and in particular our heating supply and mobility, in an innovative way. I am therefore very pleased that Start-up companies are setting completely new impulses with their ideas."Background:97 percent of all products contain at least one chemical process step: renewable raw materials, enzymes, industrial biotechnology, new processes, products from residual materials, digitization, etc. are changing the processes in chemical value creation: starting with purchasing logistics on to production and finally marketing and sales. Interdisciplinary exchange is gaining in importance. With the ECP, an international chemistry community is growing that wants to derive more innovation from what already exists.European Chemistry Partnering: A brief overviewThe European Chemistry Partnering is an event format in which the focus is on discussion about innovation along the chemical value chain. It is aimed at decision makers, innovation managers and investors in the chemical industry and its user industries, as well as industry-focused stakeholders and qualified service providers and consultants. The ECP consists of the elements: Keynote Speech, Partnering, Pitches, Exhibition and Final Panel. Companies can describe their innovations in short presentations (Pitches) and arrange appointments via a software tool in advance (Partnering). The European Chemistry Partnering was conceived and initiated by Dr. Holger Bengs, Managing Director of BCNP Consultants GmbH. The first event took place on 16th February 2017 in Frankfurt am Main. From 2018 onwards the ECP will occur twice a year.  In February the venue is Frankfurt. In late summer, the ECP Summer Summit takes place in changing locations.Further InnoEnergyInnoEnergy is the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe. We need new ideas, products and services that make a real difference, new businesses and new people to deliver them to market.InnoEnergy supports and invests in innovation at every stage of the value chain. With our network of partners we build connections across Europe, bringing together inventors and industry, graduates and employers, researchers and entrepreneurs, businesses and markets. We work in three essential areas of the innovation mix:- Business Creation Services: to support entrepreneurs and Start-ups with their sustainable business ideas so they can grow rapidly and contribute to the global energy system.- Education: to develop an informed and ambitious workforce that understands the demands of sustainable energy supply and the needs of industry.- Innovation projects: to bring together ideas, inventors and industry to create marketable products and services and make them more effective.

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BCNP Consultants is a Germany-based Consultancy that specializes in the areas of Biotech, Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Pharmaceuticals (BCNP). BCNP's core competences include scientific and technical expertise, strong networks and industry knowledge. The company provides Strategy, Communication and Sales consulting services via its divisions BCNP strategy, BCNP communications and BCNP connect. Specialist areas are Market and Technology analysis as well as Innovation scouting. Since 2015 BCNP has published the annual Compass to Europe's Innovative Chemical Companies (, to encourage entrepreneurship in the chemical industry. In 2017 the marketplace "European Chemistry Partnering" was initiated to bring together, and engender dialog among, creative minds and decision makers on an international stage.

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