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IUU - illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

Pressemitteilung von RSS-Feed Weatherdock AG
11.02.2019 - 9:25 Uhr - IT, Computer, Software

( The German Weatherdock AG is supporting the fight against this threat with its authority proven real-time-tracking devicesNürnberg, 11.02.2019 (PresseBox) - IUU is getting more and more important these days as this is a serious threat to sustainable fishing and a huge damage of the marine environment. To reduce the IUU problem the VHF based “real-time-tracking” devices vmsTRACK-PRO by the German Weatherdock AG are the most suitable and cost effect solution possible in the market.To identify even small artisanal fishing vessels along the coastline as well as bigger offshore going fishing vessels is the high goal. Authorities need to have reliable position reports of every member of the fleet. What are, at the end the requirements and how to fulfill these?A Low-Cost Vessel Tracker must be high reliable and sustain which works on AIS principles. It would be perfect also, if the possibility to set customized frequencies is given in case of authorities want to make “closed” user groups.A must should be that the unit is completely equipped with the VHF (AIS) radio antenna and GPS receiver in one compact package. Further important requests of Fisherman are:Main unit mounted 1-2m above sea levelOut of the way of fisherman/user/pleasure boat captain, but achievable in case of emergencyAntenna height guaranteed – results in long rangeEquipment must be LOW CostNo monthly recurring costsNo subscriptionNo cost per messageRadiated power of at least 3W so that minimum range is guarantiedBattery powered where power on boat is not available or only from time to timeLong battery life time if no power from boatVariable reporting ratesAutonomous reportingAlert reportingSeparate ALERT buttonGeofencesA lot of countries around the world did several functionality and transmission range tests and decided to use the vmsTRACK-PRO system, as the system does fulfill all the above stated requests. Face to face performance tests done from market follower devices by these authorities pointed out that the vmsTRACK-PRO is on pole position combining reliable high quality technology with a huge range of useful features and the best performance.Weatherdock wants to support third world countries to export their fish catches into European Union without getting blacklisted because of IUU. By means of persistent position reporting and route data storage the fishing vessels are able to document where and when the catch was done.Geo-Fencing and additional “push-to-alert” buttonSpecial areas of non-entering or non-leaving can be programmed easily into every vmsTRACK-PRO unit which is placed aboard the fishing vessel. Additional to all the tracking functionality there is a “push-to-alert” button which increases the safety of the fishermen especially on the small artisanal vessels. In event of pushing the alert button a AIS MOB safety message is send out into the standardized AIS traffic system that every vessel in the vicinity of the victim is able to help as fast as possible.

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Michael Knipp
+49 (911) 376638-32

Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise
+49 (911) 376638-30

Weatherdock Cooperation, Germany (Founded 2003)

• World leader in AIS based, commercial vessels approved, personal locator beacons in

the VHF band

• Founder of the year 2008

• Among the best 100 midsize companies in Germany (12.000 applicants for that award!)

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