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Intenta S1000 people counter: The new 3D vision sensor for shop statistics

Pressemitteilung von RSS-Feed Intenta GmbH
11.02.2019 - 11:53 Uhr - IT, Computer, Software

( Intenta adds retail specialist to smart sensor product rangeChemnitz, 11.02.2019 (PresseBox) - Intenta expands the smart sensor product range for automatic scene analysis with the Intenta S1000 people counter. This retail specialist tracks precise data for customer statistics thus giving hard facts for the optimization of shop layouts and product placements. Due to the embedded image processing the Intenta S1000 people counter provides high data security and is furthermore low-maintenance and easily to integrate into existing systems.With the Intenta 1000 people counter Intenta adds a true specialist for people and customer counting to its intelligent sensor portfolio.  The functionality of the Intenta S1000 people counter is based on the stereo vision concept and the proven algorithms of Intenta‘s multifunctional sensors (S2000/S2100 security) - specially fitted with the essential features for counting applications. This makes it an easy to integrate and at the same time cost-effective option for people counting and dwell-time measurement.Application areas reach from the retail sector (waiting queue management,  recognition of movement patterns and points of interest, ...) to applications in public areas (visitor counting at major events or museums, ...).Following statistics can be tracked with the Intenta S1000 people counter:Customer frequencyFill level measurementAbsorption & conversion rateCustomer flow analysisDwell-time measurement at products or point of sale actionsWaiting queue detection with push-notificationsMulti sensor tracking* Intenta S1000 provides data for your analysis toolHigh data security and easy to integrateJust as the whole Intenta sensor product range - the Intenta S1000 guarantees high personal data security through integrated image processing. The storage and transmission of personally identifiable information is not necessary. The sensor is easily configurated via web-interface and can be integrated to existing systems via API.Additional options for people detection in security areasIntenta provides comprehensive system solutions for people counting and beyond: The multifunctional sensors, Intenta S2000 and S2100 security, can be used in areas with high security demands or as addition to access control systems. With intelligent scene interpretation based on automated dualvision people and object detection they signal emergencies (e.g. fallen person), unwanted overnight visitors or flash mobs.„Next to the application as people counter – for example in shops, malls or huge music events like ‚Rock am Ring‘ – our smart sensors are used for room surveillance and emergency recognition“, Dr. Basel Fardi, CEO and Head of Application Engineering, explains. „Especially people detection in financial institutes or public areas with higher security demands are highly requested use cases from our customers. Our highlight features are the detection of unwanted overnight guests in waiting areas or foyers, flash mob or emergency detection, like fallen customers. We tested these features successfully in a pilot project in several bank foyers around Germany. These applications are just as attractive for shops and malls and save costs for additional security personnel.“Further information under www.intenta.de

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Claudia Krug
Marketing Managerin
+49 (371) 243540
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Intenta is on the cutting edge of research and development in the fields of image processing and data fusion for object and person detection. The team counts 170 specialists at the headquarter in Chemnitz and the branch offices Ingolstadt and Hamburg.

Since 2011 Intenta develops intelligent sensor systems and software solutions for applications in industry, retail, security and health care. Another business division develops and tests automotive software for driver assistance systems and navigation components for renowned automobile manufacturers.

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