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Kögel Trailer GmbH joins "Die Wirtschaftsmacher" ("The Economy Makers") initiative

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14.02.2019 - 9:41 Uhr - Auto, Verkehr & Touristik

( The initiative's "Logistikhelden" ("Logistics Heroes") campaign starts in mid-2019Burtenbach, 14.02.2019 (PresseBox) - As part of the “Die Wirtschaftsmacher” initiative, Kögel will attract attention to the logistics sector as a whole with a comprehensive campaign. With the aim of making the services and diverse activities known to school leavers and job seekers in particular, a comprehensive logistics image campaign will be launched for the first time in 2019. Kögel is actively engaged and among its supporters.The idea for the campaign was born in the German Logistics Association's (BVL) “Image of Logistics” topic group. Meanwhile, specialised agencies have developed concrete plans for the campaign. The BVL provided the start-up financing.The “Logistikhelden” image campaign will be launched nationwide in mid-2019. It primarily targets young professionals and job seekers and aims to improve the public image of the third largest sector in the economy. The idea: for as many logistics-related associations, clubs, media and companies as possible take part in a concerted campaign and attract maximum attention. In the newly founded “Die Wirtschaftsmacher” initiative, which acts as the originator of the image campaign, interest groups, logistics service providers as well as industry and trade are joining forces to achieve more visibility and reach than each could achieve alone.Petra Adrianowytsch, Managing Director at Kögel, was also convinced by this. “The ‘Die Wirtschaftsmacher’ initiative immediately appealed to us, because our industry urgently needs to counteract the shortage of junior staff and skilled workers and, above all, the shortage of professional drivers. With the “Logistikhelden”, we will give the industry a face and not only inspire people inside and outside of logistics, but also ensure that the many logistics professions receive the respect they deserve.”At the heart of the campaign are “Logistikhelden” who, as likeable and credible ambassadors, stand for the efficiency and professionalism of all logistics fields of action as a whole. They are people from logistics practice in different companies who tell exciting stories taken from their everyday working lives. The “logistics heroes” present “strong facts” – such as the annual mileage of a professional driver or the number of parcels delivered as part of humanitarian logistics – on posters, in advertisements, on the Internet and on the usual social media channels, as well as video portals. The motifs have a high recognition value with authentic picture language and strong colouring.Frauke Heistermann, spokesperson for the topic group and member of the BVL executive board, is optimistic that enough money will come from the supporters to make the campaign a success: “Our goal is to raise a seven-digit sum that will make it possible to develop the necessary advertising pressure. We are on the right track. Around 50 companies, institutions, associations and media partners are already among the supporters. We welcome every further ‘Wirtschaftsmacher’.”As part of the “Die Wirtschaftsmacher” initiative, Kögel supports the “Logistikhelden” campaign primarily to improve the image of the industry, to increase attractiveness for potential and existing employees and to emphasise the importance of logistics for the German economy. The interests of drivers are a high priority at Kögel, which is why the trailer manufacturer presented the Kögel Trucker Trailer (KTT) at IAA 2018 and is presenting the Kögel Trucker Tipper at bauma 2019. The KTT is the result of an opinion poll conducted by Kögel among professional drivers at the Truck Grand Prix, the Wolfsmeile and service areas on the subject of “the ultimate, user-friendly trailer for truckers”. Kögel also wants to use this to create incentives to make the tough everyday life of professional drivers more attractive.

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Kögel is one of the leading trailer manufacturers in Europe. Since it was established in 1934, the company has manufactured more than 550,000 trailers. With its commercial vehicles and solutions for freight-forwarding companies and the construction industry, the company has been providing 'Made in Germany' engineering quality for more than 80 years. During this period, it has maintained its passion for transport and innovation, enabling it to offer proven, long-lasting added value to freight-forwarding companies. The company headquarters and main production facility of Kögel Trailer GmbH are located in the Bavarian town of Burtenbach. Kögel also has factories and offices in Ulm (Germany), Duingen (Germany), Chocen (Czech Republic), Verona (Italy), Zwolle (Netherlands) and Moscow (Russia).

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