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Michael Dunlop and Lucy Glöckner in the Team Wunderlich MOTORSPORT powered by ProKASRO at Pikes Peak

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Michael Dunlop and Lucy Glöckner in the Team Wunderlich MOTORSPORT powered by ProKASRO at Pikes Peak

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03.04.2019 - 15:01 Uhr - Auto, Verkehr & Touristik

( Drumroll!Sinzig, 03.04.2019 (PresseBox) - News like a drumroll! Uwe Reinhardt, CEO of the global market leader for drain robotics and the successful ERC (Equipe Reinhardt Competition) EWC team got together last year with Frank Hoffmann, CEO of Wunderlich: They nominated Team Wunderlich MOTORSPORT powered by ProKASRO as their team for the Pikes Peak race.Until now the pair had announced that they were not intending to participate in the legendary „Race to the Clouds“ in Colorado this year. But now they have abandoned their reserved stance. Uwe Reinhardt was able to get Michael Dunlop, an absolute top rider with an international reputation, on the team so now it‘s official: Now there‘s no more stopping Michael Dunlop and Lucy Glöckner, who was feted as a rookie last year; this year they will attack the legendary mountain in the heavyweight division with Wunderlich MOTORSPORT powered by ProKASRO!Not much needs to be said about Michael Dunlop (29): He comes from a dynasty of big name Irish racers who have played a big part in the TT on the Isle of Man and the highly popular road races in Great Britain for decades. Michael Dunlop alone has won eighteen races in numerous TT classes as well as many other in the Northwest 200 and the Ulster Grand Prix. He achieved notoriety and great recognition in Germany after his famous 2014 victory on the the BMW S 1000 RR in the Superbike class of the TT. This was the German brand‘s first victory, exactly 75 years after Schorsch Meier won the prized Senior Trophy 1939 on the compressor BMW.„We‘re massively pleased that we were able to win over Michael, who is a thoroughly passionate, characterful, exceptional rider and human being, it‘s fantastic for our team. The Americans now know who we are as a team. The American race organisation, Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, was hugely enthusiastic when we signed Michael up. Everywhere he goes in the world he‘s preceded by an incredible reputation that brings great respect with it. We‘re very happy and are extremely motivated“, says Frank Hoffmann.Lucy Glöckner (28), who is one of the fastest women in the world tackles the Endurance Long Distance Champion on an RR, is once again on board. She was incredibly successful from the start in 2018 as „Rookie of the Year“ and has rightly earned her first spurs with 5th place in the Heavyweight Class 2018. She thus enjoys great recognition as a public favourite, especially with American race visitors.Reinhardt and Hoffman are now stepping on the gas to form the team and engineer all the organisational matters. Just like last year, Wunderlich MOTORSPORT powered by ProKASRO will be making its appearance on two competitively prepared BMW S 1000 Rs.„We successfully competed in the Pikes Peak race for the first time in 2017 completely impartially with our Wunderlich R 1200 R“, adds Hoffmann, „and in 2018 we were able to significantly increase our performance together with Uwe Reinhardt and ProKasro with the S 1000 R. The continuous, positive development is noticeable and we see a lot of potential together. That‘s why we are looking at what lies ahead of us with real expectation and optimism. We‘re looking forward to the race on 30 June 2019 and to the American public, as we already feel a bit at home in Colorado.“

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