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Rangee: Now also thin client connection via Virtual Channel

Pressemitteilung von RSS-Feed signotec GmbH
15.03.2019 - 11:36 Uhr - IT, Computer, Software

( Ratingen, 15.03.2019 (PresseBox) - Rangee as a manufacturer of thin and zero clients now also offers its customers the connection of the signotec signature pads to the server via virtual channel. The connection as an alternative to the COM port mapping convinces above all by stability and speed. For Rangee customers, the virtual channel driver is preinstalled for free.Rangee GmbH from Aachen is a manufacturer of thin and zero clients as well as special software products. In contrast to conventional and fully equipped PCs, which can perform their tasks independently with their hardware and software, thin or even zero clients serve merely as a user interface. The data processing itself is done by a server. The inputs are processed on the server and sent back to the client, who only needs to display them. As fail-safe, low-maintenance systems, thin and zero clients are easy to administrate and also convince with low noise and low acquisition costs.The signotec signature pads can also be connected to these devices and communicate with the server. In addition to the classic COM port mapping via FTDI chip, the connection via virtual channel is now also possible and preinstalled free of charge for Rangee customers. In comparison, this connection convinces by a very fast and stable connection technology.The virtual channel driver must be easily activated on the client. Subsequently, the signotec signature pads communicate via an established virtual channel, a "virtual channel". As soon as the Citrix session is started, the virtual channel is also initialized. All data between signature pad and software is compressed and sent over the channel.This technology reduces traffic and reduces latencies many times over.

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