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Über Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd.


At AGM, we place special emphasis Asian language translation. So far we have translated over 10 million words to and from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and other Asian languages. And we have translated and proofread over 25 million words to and from various European languages. Our broad language expertise enables us to translate patents and product manuals into several different languages simultaneously.

With our main translation headquarters centrally located in Osaka, Japan, AGM can translate to and from Asian languages without the need to rely on non-native translators. And we never employ students or part-time freelancers. All of our translators are highly qualified, and all have more than five years of experience translating in their field.

We are also passionate about doing the job right. If we don’t have the resources to perform a proper translation on a particular text, we will refuse the job. So you know that when we accept an assignment, we always deliver the most fluent and consistent translation.


AGM was founded as a videogame localization company with the mission of translating and adapting Japanese videogames for foreign markets. So far, we have translated over 50 videogames into nine different languages—French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. Most localization outfits translate the videogame script into English first, but at AGM we always translate directly into the target language from the original Japanese version. And we don’t just translate the videogames we work on. We also perform the final testing and quality assurance using our in-house specialists.

Over the years our business has broadened into other fields of translation, but we are still the localization company of choice for Japanese videogame publishers and developers.

Innovation Through Experience

Our widespread, thorough experience with video game and software localization allows us to efficiently localize iPhone applications using the latest TM (translation memory) technology.

We not only translate the text of the software, we also strive for the most accurate and appropriate expressions possible from a native speaker's point of view. With our fine eye for detail and our insistence on perfection, your iPhone application is guaranteed to be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Your app won't seem like it's been localized at all: it will feel like it was created right there in the target region by a local native.

Additionally, our development team possesses a deep understanding of the iPhone hardware, its methodology, and its position in the international market, which allows us to proudly offer our highly qualified promotional service. On top of standard localization, your application will also be debugged and streamlined to ensure the highest possible level of user friendliness.

If you require global localization and international promotion for your application, Active Gaming Media is your partner.

Active Gaming Media is also developing its own applications for iPhone.

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AGMs neue iPhone-Applikation hilft dem „Kneipen-Gedächtnis“ auf die Sprünge
von Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd. - 04.10.2009- 14:05 Uhr - Medien, Internet & Telekommunikation
Osaka – „Barkeep“, so heißt die neue iPhone-Applikation der in Japan ansässigen Firma Active Gaming Media Co., Ltd., welche seit dem 26. September im iPhone App Store zum Download erhältlich ist. Bei der Applikation handelt es sich um eine Software, mit der der Nutzer seine abendlichen Bar- und K...

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